LGBTQ+ music lovers. Interested in what the ‘cool kids’ are listening to these days? Today’s music landscape is more diverse than ever, and it seems like a new genre pops up every other week. From major label artists to Indie bands and underground house music gigs, there’s a lot to cover. Even before this current golden age of music, LGBTQ people have been expressing themselves through song for decades. You’ll find all of Hornet’s gay music coverage here, from WTF moments on the Grammys red carpet to who just came out of the closet. Get your fill of all things gay with a melody.

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The best  songs to celebrate Pride all year long

Move your hips with essential  songs, from unforgettable LGBTQ+ anthems to poignant ballads exploring queer life.

Pride is so much more than a month of parades and celebrations. It’s life. And while we’d never balk at an excuse to celebrate everything that Pride stands for, we also believe that any time is the perfect time to crank up these gay songs and let the rainbow flag fly. That’s why we’ve assembled a 50-song playlist perfectly calibrated for Pride Month and beyond, featuring some of history’s greatest queer artists and LGBTQ+ allies who pay more than lip service.

No need to wait for the parade. This is your all-seasons, all-time-great Pride playlist – grab the aux cable and play it loud and proud.


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